Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's been a while...

Well... I'm still alive, just been having some vacation and a few weeks of no-coding.

It just happens that after a while things start itching again... especially if you already have some optimized code lying around that has to be finished for release. I already wrote about the new plaintext generation that sped up EmDebr (MD5 brute forcer) on my PC from around 138 Mhashes/s to around 177 Mhashes/s, but I just didn't finish it yet.

So I almost finished it now, and was wondering about the speed increase for EnTibr (NTLM brute forcer)... not really done yet (need to fix some bugs and test a little more), but the figures look promising alright! It seems like EnTibr will be doing over 300 Mhashes/s on my system, instead of the 200 Mhashes/s before!

Check back for the new releases and the final speeds!

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