Sunday, June 7, 2009

Psebr is almost done!

My work on Psebr-md5 is almost done. I'm currently cleaning up some code and adding some (hopefully useful) comments.

Speed is now close to 300 Mhashes/s, usually around 290 Mhashes/s average. This speed is composed of 6 SPU's going at like 43 Mhashes/ and the PPU going at 2x 16 Mhashes/s. Somehow just running 1 PPU thread has a faster speed/thread, something like 20 Mhashes/s.

Some keywords when coding for PS3:

* Vectors / SIMD
* Branching (__builtin_expect)
* Interlacing / pipeline 0 and 1
* Finding/using the right intrinsics/instructions
* Big Endian

I'll try and write about these when I release my code :) (I hope in one or two days!)

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